Soft Lander SL-210

Anesthesia Machine With

Isofluren Vaporizer Softlander


Brand : SHARP Japan



Anesthesia Apparatus SOFT LANDER SERIES SL-210i

Compact, high reliability with functions equivalent to large machines.

Setting Range of Flow Rate :

O2 Flow Meter :                                  0.1~10.0l/min.

N2O Flow Meter :                               0.5~10.0l/min

Introductory Gas Pressure Gauge :

O2 Pressure Gauge :                          0~10kgf/cm2

NO2 Pressure Gauge :                       0~10kgf/cm2

Adjusting Pressure by :                     O2 Pressure Regulator

Pressure Regulator :                          4.2±0.5kg/cm2

O2 Flush Flow Rate :                         35~75l/min.

O2 Supply Pressure Alarm :             2.5±0.5kgf/cm2

Canister Capacity :                              1100±50ml

Dimensions :                                         H420 × W445 × D230min

Weight :                                                  14.5kg

Safety Device :                                       Relief Valve (Safety Valve in the main part)

Oxygen Ratio Controller                 —–

O2 Supply Pressure Alarm             —–

N2O Cut-Off Valve                           —–

SL-210 Components

Main Body:L-210

・Vaporizers: HALOREX H-200、ISOREX I-200
・Lung Pressure Gauge
・Respiratory Monitor
・Excess Gas Emission Unit GASTOL2
・Changeover Switch Cock for Auto/ Manual respiration
・Ventilator SS-1200
・Mobile Stand with Monitor Rack


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