Digital 6-Channel ECG Machine

Model: iE 6                                                                     

Manufacturer: Shenzhen   Biocare Electronics Co., Ltd.

Origin: China

ATOMS TRADE INTERNATIONAL , We Import all kinds of required Hospital machinery directly under Import License. Most of our customers are in All over Bangladesh.





• Compact and portable design
• 8-inch high resolution TFT LCD with touch screen
• Full alphanumeric silicon keyboard with shortcut keys, efficient in operation
• New platform application, great improvement in quality and performance
• New menu and interface style, streamlined workflow
• Onscreen operation guide to check the ECG procedure
• Pacemaker detection function
• Real-time waveform freezing available
• Support single rhythm and three rhythms analysis
• Extend printing once arrhythmia is detected
• Various data formats: JPG, XML, DICOM and so on
• Up to 1500 files saved in local memory, enlarged by SD card and USB flash disk
• Support barcode scanner
• ECG management software (optional)


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