Erba ELAN 30s

Fully Automated micro strip ELISA processor




Fully Automated micro strip ELISA processor

Product Description:

Compact bench top model for fully automated microstrip ELISA processing for small & medium sized workload laboratories

Product Features:

  • Compact bench top model for ELISA work flow management
  • Six different tests in a batch
  • Auto self-check mode, liquid level detection & dispense monitoring
  • User-friendly software guided ELISA process
  • Single probe for dispensing samples and reagents (tips optional)
  • Inbuilt ambient temperature enclosed incubator & shaker
  • Automated well-washing performed at customized volumes & cycles
  • Built-in ELISA reader : Single & dual wavelength reading
  • 16 manifold washer- 8 dedicated needles for aspiration & 8 for dispensing to avoid cross contamination (3 wash buffer options)
  • QC reports generated using (L-J chart/ CV evolution/OD evolution/Conc. Evolution)
  • 35┬ásample locations & 18 locations for reagent loading in 5ml tubes
  • Bio-hazard disposal unit
  • In-built facility with probe for pipetting, Incubator, shaker, ELISA washer & reader
  • Computer for user friendly operation and easy online reporting & documentation
  • Economical and easy maintenance
  • CE marked

Product Applications:

  • Best suitable system for blood bank ELISA tests
  • ELISA:┬áHIV, HBV, HCV, Malaria & Syphilis


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