ECG-1210 Twelve-channel electrocardiograph (ECG) Machine



Main features:
• Leads: standard 12-lead synchronous acquisition;
• High-brightness 7-inch color LCD screen, which can be flipped from 0 to 80 degrees;
• Supports HRV waveform acquisition and pacing analysis;
• With manual/automatic, periodic, automatic Recording modes such as triggering and saving paper;
• Arrhythmia check mode, which automatically detects and prints arrhythmia waveforms;
• Long-term R-R analysis, which can collect 300 seconds of uncompressed ECG waveforms, with trend graph and histogram analysis;
• With simple analysis report, detailed analysis report, representative heartbeat report and manual report, etc. report formats are optional;
• Support internal storage and external storage methods such as large-capacity SD card, U disk;
• Via standard network interface and ECG workstation Network to realize the management and sharing of ECG information.



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