4D live real time digital color Doppler Ultrasound Machine.

Model: Apogee – 3300 Pro

Brand: SIUI

Manufacturer:  Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co.Ltd.(SIUI).

Origin: China

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Apogee 3300 Pro

To meet with doctors’ basic needs SIUI introduces our latest digital color Doppler Apogee3300 Neo. Together with compact design abundant application packages and streamlined workflow now you can experience Color System with simplicity.


Nanoview: The technology aims at reducing noise and artifacts purifying tissue shading and edging improving contrast resolution and helping early identification of tissue/structure lesion.

XBeam: The technology helps to ease echo artifacts and improve spatial resolution.
VS-Flow: Basing on MircoFlow VS-Flow significantly upgrades the sensitivity and resolution of blood flow which helps doctors to maximize the clinical application value.

Streamlined Control Panel: User-oriented control panel independent probe and cable management offer you streamlined workflow experience.


4D: With self-owned 4D technology doctors can be easily achieved 4D image with various processing functions such as rotation zoom in/out and trim. Moreover 4D volume probes enable the system to real-time display volumetric information of fetus or organ conveniently and efficiently.


Continuous Wave Doppler (CW): Continuous wave Doppler detects the abnormal cardiac high-speed blood.


Panoscope: Extending wider view for doctors to scan large area tissue the system particularly allows doctors to monitor the scanning quality via simultaneous display of B mode/ Panoramic mode.


Auto-fit: One button optimization function not only adjusts TGC and B gain but also base line PRF and PW gain realize the best 2D image and PW spectrum.


Smarchive: The smart patient info management system enables edit manage and transfer patients’ information as well as images so as to realize archive analysis and review patients’ information and make remote diagnosis available.